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Workplace Wellness

Imagine working for an employer who had the ability to promote, implement, and sustain a wellness program for you. Would it not make you feel more valued as an employee? Would it not keep you from saying "I don't have time" when asked why you are not more active, haven't had a physical exam, or are not managing your stress appropriately? Well, everyday more and more on site wellness programs are popping up around the country because employers are acknowledging that a happy and healthy employee is a more loyal and productive employee. In the long run, health investments now save both the employee and employer money later.


A workplace wellness program is a health promotion activity designed to support healthy behavior and improve health outcomes while at work. These programs consist of activities such as health education and coaching, weight management programs, medical screenings, on-site stress management activities like acupuncture, meditation, and more.

The CDC also states that:

"Wellness programs also include policies intended to facilitate employee health, including allowing time for exercise, providing on-site kitchens and eating areas, offering healthful food options in vending machines, holding "walk and talk" meetings, and offering financial and other incentives for participation. Effective workplace programs, policies, and environments that are health-focused and worker-centered have the potential to significantly benefit employers, employees, their families, and communities." --Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)


Currently, Blair County Acupuncture is supporting local business efforts by offering two services aimed at workplace wellness programs.

1. Acupuncture Happy Hour (actual running time may vary) : An acupuncture happy hour is an easy way to both manage stress in the workplace and introduce employees to acupuncture. It's an opportunity for employees to speak with a licensed acupuncturist on how oriental medicine can help their condition. Additionally, it's a wonderful way to encourage employee bonding for recent hires or as a reward incentive for job performance for long term employees.

During the happy hour interested employees will receive an auricular (ear) acupuncture treatment, a guided breathing exercise, and tips on techniques to manage stress. Unattended stress is a leading cause of chronic disease that includes, among others, obesity and diabetes. The event can be held daily, weekly, or monthly really the goals and objectives of the employer, size of the staff, and on site space would determine the frequency of the acupuncture happy hours.  It is something that would be discussed during negotiations between Blair County Acupuncture and your employer.

2. Smoke Cessation Program:

Smoking is an expensive habit and many people want to quit to improve their health and save money.

Acupuncture is not  a magic cure in the treatment of any addiction, including smoking. But, acupuncture is effective in making it easier to quit and remain smoke-free for good. It addresses the jitters, irritability, anxiety, and cravings associated with quitting. Similar to the acupuncture happy hours, interested employees would receive auricular acupuncture in a group setting with the aim to relieve the symptoms that come along with 'kicking the habit'.  Wellness tips and incentives to complete the full program would also be discussed.

The program consists of acupuncture treatment twice a week for four weeks followed by weekly treatments for another four weeks (12 treatments total). At the program's conclusion employees can decide to continue treatment outside of the workplace with Blair County Acupuncture (if needed).

Ask your employer if they offer a wellness or health promotion program. If not, suggest implementing one at your workplace. Don't forget to mention Blair County Acupuncture's services.

If you are an employer looking to start a program of your own, feel free to contact us directly.